Kenwood KRF-V8070D Home Theater System User Manual

Ambience effects
DSP mode
The DSP mode lets you add the atmosphere of a live concert or hall
to almost any type of program source. These modes are particularly
effective when used with stereo program sources, like CD, television,
and FM radio. You might enjoy trying the ARENA, JAZZ CLUB,
THEATER, STADIUM or DISCO mode the next time you watch a
concert or sporting event!
What's DSP?
DSP stands for Digital Signal Processor.
The way a sound is heard in an actual environment depends on a
variety of different factors. One of the most important is reverberation
(the act of decaying elements of sound echoing in various places).
The DSP modes produce the feeling of presence by using the DSP to
create reverberation, without spoiling the sound quality of the original
SRS Circle Surround
SRS Circle Surround II™ improves on its predecessor CS-5.1™
resulting in the CS-6.1™ system, enabling you to listen to realistic,
multi-channel, surround sound playback from a stereo source or
conventional surround-encoded video source. You already enjoy
listening to Dolby Digital/DTS multi-channel sound with your multi-
speakers. Now you can listen to audio CDs, MDs, Broadcast and
Home Theater using your multi-speakers. You will discover a new
type of sound through SRS Circle Surround II.
The CS system dramatically reduces storage space requirements for
multi-channel content. It creates a listening environment that places
the listener “inside” music performances, and dramatically improves
both hi-fi audio and conventional surround-encoded video material.
The CS decoder also includes the SRS technologies Focus™ and
TruBass™. Focus electronically raises the sound stage from the
speaker location to an optimal position. TruBass creates deep, rich
bass in small speaker systems without the need for a subwoofer.