Kenwood KRF-V8070D Home Theater System User Manual

Remote control unit
• No setup codes registered for the respective
• The remote control is set to a different operation
• Batteries are exhausted.
• The remote control unit is too far away from
the main system, controlling angle is too large,
or there is an obstacle between the receiver
and the remote.
• The audio cords and system control cords are
not connected properly.
•No tape or CD is placed in the source
• An attempt is made to play a tape which is
being recorded in the cassette deck.
• The remote control has not been set to the
operation mode for the component you wish
to control.
• Register a setup code at the respective input(s).
• Press any of the Input Selector keys to select
the appropriate operation mode.
• Replace with new batteries.
• Operate the remote control unit within the
controllable range.
• Connect properly referring to “Setting up the
• Place the tape or CD in the source component
which you want to play.
• Wait until recording has completed.
• Press any of the source keys or SRC Power
key to activate the operation mode for the
component you want to control before
Certain inputs cannot be selected using the
remote control.
Remote control operation is not possible.
In case of difficulty