Kenwood KRF-V8070D Home Theater System User Manual

Before applying the power
Special features
True home theater sound
This receiver incorporates a wide variety of surround modes to bring you
maximum enjoyment from your video software. Select a surround mode
according to your equipment or the software you are going to play and
enjoy! ª
Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital EX
The DOLBY DIGITAL mode lets you enjoy full digital surround from
software processed in the Dolby Digital format. Dolby Digital provides
up to 5.1 channels of independent digital audio for better sound quality
and more powerful presence than conventional Dolby Surround.
As for Dolby Digital EX, it creates six full-bandwidth output channels
from the 5.1 channel sources. This is done using a matrix decoder that
derives three surround channels from the two in the original recording.
For best results, Dolby Digital EX should be used with movie soundtracks
recorded with Dolby Digital Surround EX.
Dolby PRO LOGIC II, whilst totally compatible with its predecessor
PRO LOGIC, provides greater advantages in surround sound. It allows
the user to enjoy the conventional stereo or Dolby Surround with a
convincing “5.1 like” presentation. PRO LOGIC II offers special features
for controlling the overall spatial, dimensionality and frontal sound field
imaging. PRO LOGIC II produces an impressive surround sound from
video software marked and three-dimensional space
from music CD. When listening to music, you will be able to enjoy the
experience of sheer STEREO surround sound.
DTS (Digital Theater System) is a 5.1 channel digital audio format that
provides five full spectrum channels and one low-frequency (subwoofer)
channel for unprecedented clarity, optimum channel seperation and a
(wide) dynamic range.
DTS-ES (Extended Surround) presents 6.1 channels surround system
with additional Surround Back channel which evolved from the
conventional 5.1 channels surround system. DTS-ES format that was
recorded in DVD, CD or LD comprises of two modes. DTS-ES Discrete
6.1 produce the discrete surround back which is completely independent
and DTS-ES Matrix 6.1 produces the surround back which synthesised
within the left and right surround channels using matrix technology.
DTS-ES has perfect compatibility with the conventional 5.1 channels
surround system. 6.1 channels surround with an additional surround
back presents a more natural presence and surround effects by
increasing the impression of the sound image from back.
When a DTS disc is played on a CD, LD or DVD player, noise may be
output from the analog output. It is recommended that you connect the
digital output of the player to the digital input of this unit.
Neo:6 is a new technology which was developed by DTS. It can produce
high grade 6 channels surround with an astonishing fidelity from 2
channels content. Neo:6 has 2 mode, "CINEMA" mode is for movie
playback and "MUSIC" mode is for music playback.
SRS Circle Surround
SRS Circle Surround II™ improves on its predecessor CS-5.1™ resulting
in the CS-6.1™ system, enabling you to listen to realistic, multi-channel,
surround sound playback from a stereo source or conventional surround-
encoded video source. You already enjoy listening to Dolby digital/DTS
multi-channel sound with your multi-speakers. Now you can listen to
audio CDs, MDs, Broadcast and Home Theater using your multi-
speakers. You will discover a new type of sound through SRS Circle
Surround II .
DSP surround modes
The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) used for this receiver incorporates
a variety of high quality adjustable sound fields, like “ARENA”, “JAZZ
CLUB”, “THEATER”, “STADIUM” and “DISCO”. It is compatible with
almost any kind of program source.
DVD 6-channel input
If you own a DVD player equipped with 6-channel output, this receiver
allows you to obtain the full surround sound impact of DVD source
material featuring multi-channel encoding. Since the source signals are
digital and each channel is input independently, the resulting ambience
is far superior to what can be achieved with conventional surround
sound systems.
ACTIVE EQ mode will produce a more dynamic sound quality in any
condition. You can enjoy a more impressive sound effect when ACTIVE
EQ is turned on during Dolby Digital and DTS playback.
SPEAKER EQ function is to adjust the receiver’s audio output
characteristics with the speakers’ characteristics which differs
depending on the size of the speakers. Especially for the music sound
source playback, the reproduced sound becomes more natural when
adjusting the output characteristics. When activating the SPEAKER EQ
function, you will be able to enjoy a more natural and dynamic sound
experience even with small size speakers.
Universal IR (InfraRed) remote control
In addition to the basic receiver, the remote control supplied with this
receiver can also operate almost all of your remote controllable audio
and video components. Just follow the simple setup procedure to
register the components you have connected.
RDS (Radio Data System) tuner
The receiver is equipped with an RDS tuner that provides several
convenient tuning functions: RDS Auto Memory, to automatically
preset up to 40 RDS stations broadcasting different programs; station
name display, to show you the name of the current broadcast station;
and PTY search to let you tune stations by program type.
PTY (Program TYpe) search
Tune the stations by specifying the type of program you want to hear.