Kenwood KRC-466R Cassette Player User Manual

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Removing the hard rubber frame
2 When the lower level is removed, remove the upper two
The frame can be removed from the top side in the same manner.
1 Engage the catch pins on the removal tool and remove the two
locks on the lower level.
Lower the frame and pull it forward as shown in the figure.
Accessory 2
Removal tool
Accessory 2
Removal tool
Screw (M4X8)
Removing the Unit
4 Lower the removal tool
toward the bottom, and pull
out the unit halfway whilst
pressing towards the inside.
5 Pull the unit all the way out
with your hands, being
careful not to drop it.
Be careful to avoid injury from the catch pins on the removal tool.
1 Refer to the section “Removing the hard rubber frame” and
then remove the hard rubber frame.
2 Remove the screw (M4×8) on the back panel.
3 Insert the two removal tools deeply into the slots on each side,
as shown.
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