Kenwood KRC-466R Cassette Player User Manual

Scrolling the displayed CD text or MD title.
Press the [SCRL] button.
Text/Title Scroll
Attaching a title to a CD.
1 Play the disc you want to attach a name to
A title can't be attached to a MD.
2 Enter Menu mode
Press the [MENU] button for at least 1 second.
"MENU" is displayed.
3 Select Name set mode
Press the [FM] or [AM] button.
Select the "NAME SET" display.
4 Enter Name set mode
Press the [4] or [¢] button for at least 2 seconds.
5 Move the cursor to the enter character position
Press the [4] or [¢] button.
6 Select the characters
Press the [FM] or [AM] button.
7 Repeat steps 5 through 6 and attach a name.
8 Exit Menu mode
Press the [MENU] button.
When operation stops for 10 seconds the name at that time is
registered, and Name Set mode closes.
Media that you can attach a name to
- External CD changer/ player: Varies according to the CD changer/
player. Refer to the CD changer/ player manual.
The name of a CD can be changed by the same operation you
used to name it.
Disc Naming (DNPS)
External disc control features
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