Kenwood KRC-466R Cassette Player User Manual

Selecting the station.
1 Select tuner source
Press the [SRC] button.
Select the "TUNER" display.
2 Select the band
Press the [FM] or [AM] button.
Each time the [FM] button is pressed it switches between the
FM1, FM2, and FM3 bands.
3 Tune up or down band
Press the [4] or [¢] button.
During reception of stereo stations the "ST" indicator is ON.
Choose the tuning mode.
Press the [AUTO] button.
Each time the button is pressed the Tuning mode switches as
shown below.
Tuning mode Display Operation
Auto seek "AUTO 1" Automatic search for a station.
Preset station "AUTO 2" Search in order of the stations
seek indicator in the Preset memory.
Manual Normal manual tuning control.
Tuning Mode
Function of the KRC-366L
Tuner features
— 13 —
#1 – 6
ST indicator
AUTO indicator
Frequency display
Preset station number
Band display
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