Kenwood KRC-466R Cassette Player User Manual

For the setting method refer to the <Disc Naming> (page 18).
Disc Naming <In External disc control mode>
Setting the displayed text scroll.
Display Setting
"SCL MANU" Doesn't scroll.
"SCL AUTO" Scrolls when the display changes.
The text scrolled is shown below.
• CD text
• MD title
Text Scroll <In External disc control mode>
Noise can be reduced when stereo broadcasts are received as
Display Setting
"MONO OFF" The monaural reception is OFF.
"MONO ON" The monaural reception is ON.
Monaural Reception <In FM reception>
Function of the KRC-466R
When the TI function is ON and poor reception conditions are
experienced when listening to a traffic information station,
another traffic information station with better reception will be
searched for automatically.
Display Setting
"ATPS ON" The Auto TP Seek Function is ON.
"ATPS OFF" The Auto TP Seek Function is OFF.
Auto TP Seek
Function of the KRC-466R
You can choose whether or not to restrict the RDS channels,
received with the AF function for a particular network, to a
specific region.
Display Setting
"REG ON" The Region Restrict Function is ON.
"REG OFF" The Region Restrict Function is OFF.
Sometimes stations in the same network broadcast different
programs or use different program service names.
Restricting RDS Region
(Region Restrict Function)
Menu system
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