Harman-Kardon HKTS 8 Speaker System User Manual

-Coding System
The HKTS 8 uses the channel color
system established by the Consumer
Electronics Association to make setting up
your home theater speaker system as easy
as possible. Your system includes a set of
colored stickers that may be placed near
the speaker terminals of each of the four
satellite speakers according to the key below.
It doesn’t matter which satellite speaker is
used for any of the front or rear positions.
(The center speaker and powered sub-
woofer are already color-coded for you.)
Front Speakers
The front speakers should be placed the
same distance from each other as they are
from the listening position. They should be
placed at about the same height from the
floor as the listeners’ ears will be.
Center Channel Speaker
The center channel speaker should be
placed slightly behind the front left and right
speakers, and no more than two feet above
or below the tweeters of the left and right
speakers. It is often convenient to set the
center speaker on top of the television set,
as shown in the drawing.
The low-frequency material reproduced by
the subwoofer is mostly omnidirectional,
and this speaker may be placed in a con-
venient location in the room. However, the
maximum reproduction of bass will be
heard when the subwoofer is placed in a
ner along the same wall as the front
speakers. Experiment with subwoofer place-
ment by temporarily placing the subwoofer
in the listening position and moving around
the room until the bass reproduction is
Place the subwoofer in that location.
Surround Speakers
The two side surround speakers should be
placed slightly behind the listening position
and, ideally, should face each other and be
at a level higher than the listeners’ ears.
If that is not possible, they may be placed
on a wall behind the listening position,
facing forward. Place the surround back
speaker, centered, on the rear wall. The
surround speakers should not call attention
to themselves. Experiment with their place-
ment until you
hear a diffuse, ambient sound
the main-program material
heard in the front speakers.
NOTE: Dolby* Digital, DTS
and other digi-
tal programs may benefit from aiming the
tweeters toward the listening position at
-level height.
Keep this in mind if wall-
mounting the satellites
as the wall-mount
brackets are not designed to tilt the speakers
up or down.
hite Red
Blue Gray
White Red
White Red
Speaker Sticker (or Terminal)
Position and Cable Color
Front Left White
Front Right Red
Center Green
Surround Left Blue
Surround Right Gray
Surround Back Brown
Subwoofer (LFE) Purple
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