Harman-Kardon HKTS 8 Speaker System User Manual

Move the Master Power Switch ª
(marked Power) to the “
” (On) position.
The SUB-TS8 subwoofer will automatically
turn itself on or go into Standby mode,
depending on whether or not a signal is
being sent to it by your receiver or surround
processor, and provided that the
Sense On/Off Switch
£ is moved down
so that it is in the
AUTO position.
When your receiver or amplifier is off, or is
not sending program material to the sub-
woofer, the subwoofer will be in Standby
mode and the LED Indicator on the top of
the subwoofer will turn amber. When the
woofer senses an audio signal,
it will
automatically turn itself on and the LED
Indicator will turn blue. If the subwoofer does
not sense a signal after
approximately twenty
it will automatically go into Standby
When the
Music-Sense On/Off Switch £
is switched to the ON position, the sub-
woofer will remain on, whether or not
program material is playing, and the LED
Indicator will remain lit blue.
If you’ll be away from home for an extended
period of time, or if the subwoofer will not be
used, switch the
Master Power Switch ª
to the OFF position.
olume can be adjusted using the
Subwoofer-Level Control ¡, as
shown. Turn the control knob clockwise
to increase the volume of the subwoofer,
and counterclockwise to decrease the
subwoofer’s volume.
Additional Bass Adjustments
In addition to the volume adjustments
described above, the SUB-TS8 subwoofer
includes a
Phase Switch ¢ and a Filter
that can be used to adjust the
bass response to suit your listening environ-
ment or taste.
In most situations, the
Phase Switch ¢
should be left in the NORMAL position.
If you suspect that the subwoofer is playing
out of phase with the other speakers, which
would tend to diminish bass response, try
placing this switch in the
position. There is no harm in experimenting,
and you may return the switch to the
NORMAL position at any time. If you
rearrange your room and reposition the
speakers, it would be a good idea to check
whether they are in phase by flipping this
High-Cut (Low-Pass) Filter Switch
limits the frequencies of the audio signal
inputted to the subwoofer to the low fre-
quencies that the subwoofer reproduces
best. This allows the subwoofer to perform
more efficiently, and with superior bass
reproduction, minimizing distortion that might
occur if the subwoofer attempted to repro-
duce higher frequencies. This switch should
be left in the
ON position, except:
1. When the
SUB Input is being used,
in which case it has no effect, or
2. When the
Speaker-Level Inputs or
Line-Level Full-Range Inputs § are
being used with a crossover or filter aboard
the receiver or processor.
In these two circumstances, place the switch
in the
OFF position.
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