Harman-Kardon HKTS 8 Speaker System User Manual

Speaker-Level Connection Guide
Before making speaker
connections, be certain that your receiver or
audio power amplifier is turned off and
preferably unplugged from its AC power
source. The SUB-TS8 subwoofer should
not be connected
to an AC power source
until all speaker wire connections have
been made.
Speakers and electronics terminals have
corresponding (+) and (–) terminals. Most
manufacturers of speakers and electronics,
including Harman Kardon, use red to denote
the (+) terminal and black for the (–)
Newer Harman Kardon receivers conform to
the CEA standard and therefore use a color
other than red or black for the (+) terminal
to indicate some speaker positions: e.g.,
surround left. Although the HKTS 8 system
has red and black collars on the individual
speaker ter
minals to denote the positive and
negative connections, your system includes
a colored band on the positive lead at both
ends of every speaker cable and a matching
colored sticker for
each of the four satellite
speakers, conforming
to the key on page 7.
The center speaker has a green (+) terminal,
and the subwoofer has a purple SUB input
This system is intended
to help you
ensure that the speaker in each location is
connected to the correct terminals on your
receiver or amplifier
The (+) lead of the speaker wire is indicated
with a stripe and has the colored band cor-
responding to the speaker’s position. It is
important to connect
all speakers identically:
(+) on the speaker
to (+) on the amplifier
and (–) on the speaker to (–) on the ampli-
fier. Wiring “out of phase” results in thin
sound, weak bass and a poor stereo image.
With the advent of multichannel surround
sound systems, connecting all of the speakers
in your system with the correct polarity
remains equally important in order to preserve
the proper ambience and directionality
of the
program material.
To connect the supplied speaker wires to
the satellite and center speaker terminals
located on the bottom of each speaker,
press the red or black tab, insert the bare
end of the wire into the hole, and release
the tab. Gently tug on the wire to make sure
that it is fully inserted.
For the best performance, Harman Kardon
recommends that the subwoofer be
connected using either the
Subwoofer (SUB) Input
or the Line-
Level Full-Range Inputs
§. However,
if the application requires the use of the
speaker-level connections for the subwoofer,
unscrew the binding-post collar until the
pass-through hole in the center post is visi-
ble under the collar. Insert the bare end of
the wire through this hole; then screw the
collar down until the connection is tight. The
hole in the center of each collar is intended
for use with banana-type connectors.
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