Dell 1409X Home Theater System User Manual

Glossary 49
S-Video—A video transmission standard that uses a 4-pin mini-DIN connector to
send video information on two signal wires called luminance (brightness, Y) and
chrominance (color, C). S-Video is also referred to as Y/C.
SECAM— A French and international broadcast standard for video and
broadcasting, closely related to PAL but with a different method of sending color
SVGA— Super Video Graphics Array 800 x 600 pixels count.
SXGA— Super Extended Graphics Array,1280 x 1024 pixels count.
UXGA— Ultra Extended Graphics Array1600 x 1200 pixels count.
VGA— Video Graphics Array640 x 480 pixels count.
XGA— Extended Video Graphics Array 1024 x 768 pixels count.
Zoom Lens— Lens with a variable focal length that allows operator to move the
view in or out making the image smaller or larger.
Zoom Lens Ratio— Is the ratio between the smallest and largest image a lens can
projector from a fixed distance. For example, a 1.4:1 zoom lens ratio means that a
10 foot image without zoom would be a 14 foot image with full zoom.