Dell 1409X Home Theater System User Manual

Troubleshooting Your Projector 35
Troubleshooting Your Projector
If you experience problems with your projector, see the following troubleshooting
tips. If the problem persists, contact Dell™. See Contacting Dell™ on page 44
Problem Possible Solution
No image appears on the
Ensure that the lens cap is removed and the
projector is turned on.
Ensure the external graphics port is enabled.
If you are using a Dell
portable computer,
press (Fn+F8). For other
computers, see your respective
Ensure that all the cables are securely
connected. See on page 7.
Ensure that the pins of the connectors are
not bent or broken.
Ensure that the lamp is securely installed
(see on page 39).
Test Pattern
in the
Ensure that the colors of the test pattern are