Dell 1409X Home Theater System User Manual

Using Your Projector 29
Using the Lamp menu, you can adjust the display settings of your projectors. The
Picture menu, provides the following options:
AMP HOURDisplays the operating hours since the last lamp timer reset.
OWER SAVINGSelect Yes to set the Power Saving delay period. The delay period is
the time you want the projector to wait without an input signal. By default, the
delay period is set to 120 minutes. However, you can set this to 5, 15, 30, 45, 60, or
120 minutes.
If an input signal is not detected during the delay period, the projector turns off
the lamp and goes into power saving mode. If an input signal is detected within
the delay period, the projector automatically turns on. If an input signal is not
detected within two hours, the projector switches from Power Saving mode to
Power Off mode. To turn on the projector press the Power button.
CO MODESelect On to use the projector at a lower power level (165 Watts),
which may provide longer lamp life, quieter operation, and dimmer luminance
output on the screen. Select Off to operate at normal power level (200 Watts).
AMP RESETAfter you install a new lamp, select Yes to reset the lamp timer.
UICK SHUTDOWNSelect Yes to turn off the projector with a single press of the
Power button. This function allows the projector to quick power off with an
accelerated fan speed. Slightly higher acoustic noise is expected during quick
power off.