Dell 1409X Home Theater System User Manual

24 Using Your Projector
Auto Adjust automatically adjusts the
projector's FREQUENCY and
TRACKING in PC mode. While
Auto Adjustment is in progress, the following message appears on the screen,
"Auto Adjustment in Progress...".
It includes V. Keyston e, Auto Keystone, Projector Mode, Aspect Ratio and
Projector Info settings.
V. K
EYSTONEAdjusts the image distortion caused by tilting the projector.
UTO KEYSTONEAuto adjusts the image distortion by tilting the projector.
ROJECTOR MODEAllows you to select the projector mode, depending upon how
the projector is mounted.
Front Projection-Desktop — This is the default option.
Front Projection-Ceiling Mount — The projector turns the image upside
down for ceiling-mounted projection.
Rear Projection-Desktop — The projector reverses the image so that you can
project from behind a translucent screen.
Rear Projection-Ceiling Mount — The projector reverses and turns the
image upside down. You can project from behind a translucent screen with a
ceiling-mounted projection.
ASPECT RATIOAllows you to set the aspect ratio.
Original — The input source scales to fit the screen while keeping the aspect
ratio of the input source.
4:3 — The input source scales to fit the screen.
• Wide The input source scales to fit the width of the screen.
Use Wide or 4:3 if you are using one of the following:
Computer resolution greater than XGA