Arcam DT91 Stereo System User Manual

Setting up the aerial
Your new Arcam tuner is capable of superb reception, but only if it is receiving a
good quality transmission signal.
If the transmission signal is strong in your area then the supplied indoor aerial
may be sufcient (it should be hung on a wall with both wires fully stretched out
vertically). An external aerial is recommended in order to receive the highest number
of services.
DAB transmissions can be in either ‘Band III’ or the ‘L-band’ (or both). To
determine the transmission frequency in your area, contact your dealer, or refer to In Band III transmission areas, use a multi-element Yagi
aerial if you are a long way from a transmitter, or use an omnidirectional or folded
dipole aerial if you are close to more than one transmitter (in the U.K., a Band III
region, this should be mounted with the elements vertically, as the transmissions are
vertically polarised). If the DAB services in your area are transmitted on L-band then
consult your dealer for advice on the best aerial to use.
You may have noticed that, although the DT91 supports both DAB and FM radio,
there is only one aerial connector on the rear panel. If you wish to feed signals from
both aerial types into the unit, a low-loss signal combiner must be used, as shown in
the diagram. Otherwise, choose the aerial type for the medium you use most often.
Whether you decide to install an external aerial, or opt to use the supplied ribbon
cable, it should be connected to the F-type (screw) connector labelled AERIAL INPUT
on the rear of the unit.
The type of aerial you should use depends on your listening preferences and the local conditions.
If you listen exclusively to FM transmissions, for example, and the FM signal strength is strong
in your area, then a simple omni-directional aerial mounted in your loft or on your roof may be
sufcient. Listening to DAB in a weak signal area will require a high-gain, roof-mounted aerial.
For the best reception of both DAB and FM signals, an aerial combiner box may be required
(as shown in the diagram above). This combines the signals received by two aerials (one for
DAB, the other for FM), into one cable that then connects to the DT91. If an aerial combiner
is not used, the single aerial chosen for both DAB and FM reception may not give optimum
performance in some regions.
For the best advice, we recommend that you contact your local Arcam dealer or an aerial
installation expert.
Aerial combiner