Yamaha CDC-685 Stereo System User Manual

To stop play temporarily
To resume play, press the d button again (or press the w
* The w/d button on the front panel can also be used to
stop play temporarily or to resume play.
To stop play completely
To turn off the power
Press the POWER switch again.
During play, you can open the disc tray by pressing the
PLAYXCHANGE button on the front panel without
interrupting disc play. However, in this case, pressing the
DISC SKIP buttons has no effect. You can load or replace
discs on the trays when the disc tray is opening, however,
never load a disc on the tray hidden inside the unit. If doing
so, the disc and the unit may be damaged, because the tray
already has a disc, which is being played.
Scanning Discs
This mode is convenient to search
for a desired disc (or to check discs
on the disc tray)
When the DISC SCAN button is pressed in stop mode, this
unit will play a section of each disc in turn for 8 seconds.
If, during this play, you find a disc that you want to listen to,
press the DISC SCAN button once again or press the w
button to cancel this function. The unit will enter into the
normal play mode.
During this play, the disc tray numbers blink in the display.
Every time the play of a disc is finished, the corresponding
tray number is changed from flashing to lighting.
If the disc being played has a long blank space between
tracks, you will hear no sound during disc scan.
On the front panel
On the front panel
On the front panel