Yamaha CDC-675 Stereo System User Manual

Battery installation
Battery replacement
If you find that the remote control transmitter must be used
closer to the main unit, the batteries are weak. Replace both
batteries with new ones.
Use only AA, R6, UM-3 batteries for replacement.
Be sure the polarities are correct. (See the illustration inside
the battery compartment.)
Remove the batteries if the remote control transmitter will
not be used for an extended period of time.
If batteries leak, dispose of them immediately. Avoid
touching the leaked material or letting it come in contact with
clothing, etc. Clean the battery compartment thoroughly
before installing new batteries.
Remote control transmitter operation range
There should be no large obstacles between the remote
control transmitter and the main unit.
If the remote control sensor is directly illuminated by strong
lighting (especially an inverter type of fluorescent lamp, etc.),
it might cause the remote control transmitter not to work
correctly. In this case, reposition the main unit to avoid
direct lighting.
Remoto control sensor
Within approximately
6 m (19.7 feet)
You can start play at any specified time by connecting a timer (sold separately). Refer also to the instructions for the timer.
1. Select the desired play mode (1DISC or 5DISCS).
2. Press the POWER switch to turn the unit off.
3. Press the POWER switch while pressing the PLAY/PAUSE ( ) button on the front panel.
Shortly thereafter, “TIMER P. ON” appears in the display and the timer play function is on.
(When the timer play function is already on, in which case, “TIMER P. OFF” appears in the display and timer play function is off.
In this case, repeat the procedure in steps 2 and 3 to set the timer play function to on.)
4. Set the timer to the desired time.
When the set time comes, the unit turns on and starts play.
for CDC-675 only