Sennheiser 502875 Headphones User Manual

The RS 180 digital RF headphone system
The RS 180 digital RF headphone system
The RS 180 is an RF stereo hi-fi headphone system with comprehensive
technical features. Its transparent and balanced sound image with
excellent bass response makes this system an ideal choice for hi-fi, home
cinema and TV use.
The rechargeable batteries can conveniently be recharged while in the
headphones. Enjoy total freedom of sound, stylish design and maximum
Additional features of the RS 180 headphone system
Transmits uncompressed audio over a robust 2.4 GHz digital link,
enabling you to enjoy your music without the hassles of cables.
Dynamic transducer systems with powerful neodymium magnets
deliver clear and detailed audio reproduction.
Kleer’s uncompressed digital wireless transmission delivers CD-quality
No set-up required – just plug and play. Simply connect the transmitter
to your personal audio/video player, put on the headphones and turn
it on!
TR 180 transmitter with multi-receiver capability, enabling up to
4 people to listen to the same sound source.
wireless transmission technology
The RS 180 headphone system features the digital wireless audio
transmission technology from Kleer. The Kleer company has developed an
RF-based wireless transmission standard (of the same name) that offers
lossless audio transmission in CD-quality while consuming minimal power.