Sennheiser 502875 Headphones User Manual

Important safety information
Replacement parts
When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician uses
replacement parts specified by Sennheiser or those having the same
characteristics as the original part. Unauthorized substitutions may result
in fire, electric shock, or other hazards.
Intended use
Intended use of the product includes
having read this instruction manual, especially the chapter “Important
safety instructions” on page 2,
using the product within the operating conditions and limitations
described in this instruction manual.
“Improper use” means using the product other than as described in this
instruction manual, or under operating conditions which differ from those
described herein.
Safety instructions for the NiMH rechargeable batteries
If abused or misused, the rechargeable batteries may leak. In extreme
cases, they may even present
Please understand that Sennheiser does not accept liability for damage
arising from abuse or misuse.
a heat hazard,
a fire hazard,
an explosion hazard,
a smoke or gas hazard.
Keep away from
Only use rechargeable batteries
recommended by Sennheiser.
Observe correct polarity. Do not short-circuit.
Do not expose to
Switch rechargeable battery-
powered products off after use.
Do not pack charged
batteries loose – danger
of shorting out/fire
When not using rechargeable
batteries for extended periods
of time, charge them regularly
(about every 3 months).
Only charge
rechargeable batteries
at ambient
temperatures between
10 °C/50 °F and 40 °C/
104 °F.
Do not heat above 70 °C/
158 °F, e.g. do not expose to
sunlight or throw into a fire.
Do not mutilate or
Do not continue to use
defective rechargeable
Immediately remove
rechargeable batteries
from obviously
defective devices.
Dispose of rechargeable
batteries at special collection
points or return it to your
specialist dealer.