Kenwood VR-60RS Home Theater System User Manual

In case of difficulty
Resetting the Microcomputer
The microcomputer may malfunction (unit cannot be operated,
or shows an erroneous display) if the power cord is unplugged
while the power is ON, or due to some other external factor. If
this happens, execute the following procedure to reset the
microcomputer and return the unit to its normal operating
Please note that resetting the microcomputer will clear the contents
of the memory and return the unit to the state it was in when it left
the factory.
Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, then plug
it back in while holding down the POWER ON/STANDBY
No antenna is connected.
The broadcast band is not set properly.
The frequency of the desired station is not
Noise due to ignition of an automobile.
Noise due to interference from an electric
Noise due to a nearby TV set.
The preset station belongs to a frequency that
cannot be received.
The preset memory was cleared because the
power cord had been unplugged for a long
period of time.
Connect an antenna. %
Set the broadcast band properly.
Tune the frequency of the desired station.
Install the outdoor antenna away from the
Turn off the power to the appliance.
Install the receiver farther away from the TV.
Preset a station with a receivable frequency.
Preset the station again.
Radio stations cannot be received.
A station which was preset cannot be
received by pressing the corresponding
numeric key.
The speaker cords are disconnected.
VOLUME is set to the minimum position.
The SPEAKERS switches are set to OFF.
Speaker cords are short-circuited.
The speaker cord is disconnected.
The speaker is not set up correctly.
The surround speaker cords and/or the center
speaker cord is disconnected.
The speaker is not set up correctly.
•A surround mode has not been activated.
The surround and/or center volume controls
are set to the minimum level.
There are many possible causes for this
problem, depending on the type of DVD player
• The input mode is set to digital manual mode.
• The software is copy-guarded.
Connect them properly referring to “Connecting
the speakers”. $
Adjust the volume to a proper level.
Turn OFF the MUTE. )
Set the SPEAKERS switch to ON. *
Turn the power off, eliminate the short-
circuiting, then turn on the power again.
Connect it properly referring to “Connecting
the speakers”. $
Set it up properly referring to “Speaker
settings”. ^
Connect it properly referring to “Connecting
the speakers”. $
Set it up properly referring to “Speaker
settings”. ^
Select a surround mode.
Adjust the speaker levels using the test tone.
• Set the input mode to digital manual before
starting playback of the Dolby Digital source.
• Press the INPUT MODE key to select to full
auto mode. 8
Copy-guarded video software cannot be
No sound from the speakers.
The standby indicator blinks and sound is
not output.
Sound is not output from one of the speakers.
Sound is not output from the surround
speakers and/or the center speaker, or their
sound is very soft.
When playing a Dolby Digital source signal
using a DVD player, the sound is cut off soon
after it starts.
No sound is produced during playback from
a DVD player.
A video source cannot be recorded normally.
*5573/29-32/EN 05.2.10, 10:11 AM30