Kenwood VR-60RS Home Theater System User Manual

Ambience effects
= THEATER : DSP Surround THEATER mode.
~ STADIUM : DSP Surround STADIUM mode.
! DISCO : DSP Surround DISCO mode.
@ STEREO : Normal stereo playback.
Dolby Digital or DTS signal having more channels than the maximum
number of playback channels available using this model’s current
settings is input, downmixing is performed to match the number of
available channels.
Adjust the volume.
Depending on the type of the signal or speaker setting, some
listening modes cannot be selected.
When playback is started, the sound may be cut or interrupted
before the input source is confirmed as Dolby Digital.
To enjoy Dolby Digital surround (as well as all the other listening
modes) from a single component, be sure to use a Dolby Digital
compatible source component.
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