Kenwood KRC-17A Cassette Player User Manual

— 25 —
What might seem to be a malfunction in your unit may
just be the result of slight misoperation or miswiring.
Before calling service, first check the following table
for possible problems.
? The power does not turn ON.01
The fuse has blown.
After checking for short circuits in the wires, replace the fuse with
one with the same rating.
No ACC position on vehicle ignition.02
Connect the same cable to the ignition as the battery cable.
? If you have selected Standby mode, the power will go OFF
The Power OFF Timer function has been activated.
If you do not want the power to go OFF automatically, cancel the
Power OFF Timer function.
? Nothing happens when the buttons are pressed.04
The computer chip in the unit is not functioning normally.
Press the reset button on the unit (page 4).
? There’s a source you can’t switch.05
There’s no tape inserted.
Set the media you want to listen to. If there’s no media in this
unit, you can't switch to each source.
? There’s a source you can’t switch.07
The Disc changer isn’t connected.08
Connect the Disc changer. If the Disc changer isn’t connected to
it's input terminal, You can't switch to an external disc source.
? The faceplate does not open or close.09
The faceplate is incorrectly attached.
Reattach the faceplate correctly, See the section on <Removing
the Faceplate>(page 8).
? The memory is erased when the ignition is turned OFF.10
The battery wire has not been connected to the proper terminal.
Connect the wire correctly, referring to the section on
<Connecting Wires to Terminals>.
The ignition and battery wire are incorrectly connected.11
Connect the wire correctly, referring to the section on
<Connecting Wires to Terminals>.
? The TEL mute function does not work.15
The TEL mute wire is not connected properly.
Connect the wire correctly, referring to the section on
<Connecting Wires to Terminals>.
? The TEL mute function turns ON even though the TEL mute wire is
not connected.16
The TEL mute wire is touching a metal part of the car.
Pull the TEL mute wire away from the metal part of the car.
? Even if Loudness is turned ON, high-pitched tone isn't compensated
for. 17
Tuner source is selected.
High-pitched tone isn't compensated for when in Tuner source.
? No sound can be heard, or the volume is low.
The fader or balance settings are set all the way to one side.21
Center the fader and balance settings.
The input/output wires or wiring harness are connected incorrectly.22
Reconnect the input/output wires or the wiring harness correctly.
See the section on "Connecting Wires to Terminals".
The cassette tape is bad.23
Try playing another cassette tape. If works fine, the first tape was
? The sound quality is poor or distorted.25
One of the speaker wires is being pinched by a screw in the car.
Check the speaker wiring.
The tape head is dirty.26
Clean the tape head.
The speakers are not wired correctly.27
Reconnect the speaker wires so that each output terminal is
connected to a different speaker.
? The Touch Sensor Tone doesn’t sound.34
The preout jack is being used.
The Touch Sensor Tone can’t be output from the preout jack.
Troubleshooting Guide
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