Kenwood KRC-17A Cassette Player User Manual

When poor reception is experienced, automatically switch to
another frequency broadcasting the same program in the same
RDS network with better reception.
Display Setting
"AF ON" The AF function is ON.
"AF OFF" The AF function is OFF.
When the AF function is ON, the "RDS" indicator is ON.
When no other stations with stronger reception are available for the
same program in the RDS network, you may hear the incoming
broadcast in bits and snatches. Turn OFF the AF function in such a
AF (Alternative Frequency)
For the operation method refer to <Auto Memory Entry>
(9 page).
Auto Memory Entry <In Tuner mode>
Sets the tuning mode.
Tuning mode Display Operation
Auto seek "AUTO 1" Automatic search for a
Preset station seek "AUTO 2" Search in order of the
stations in the Preset
Manual "MANUAL" Normal manual tuning
Tuning Mode <In Tuner mode>
Only stations whose reception is good are searched for in auto
seek tuning.
Display Setting
"LO.S OFF" The local seek function is OFF.
"LO.S ON" The local seek function is ON.
Local Seek <In Tuner mode>
Display and Setting
"NEWS 00M"
"NEWS 90M"
When "NEWS 00M" — "NEWS 90M" is set, the News Bulletin
Interrupt function is ON.
When it's ON, the "NEWS" indicator is ON.
When the news bulletin starts, "NEWS" is displayed, and it
switches to the news bulletin.
If you choose the "20M" setting, further news bulletins will not be
received for 20 minutes once the first news bulletin is received.
The news bulletin volume is the same level that was set for traffic
information (page 10).
This function is only available if the desired station sends PTY-code
for news bulletin or belongs to <Enhanced Other Network>-
Network sending PTY-code for news bulletin.
When the News Bulletin Interrupt function is ON, it switches to an
FM station.
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