Kenwood KRC-17A Cassette Player User Manual

21. Social Affairs "SOCIAL A"
22. Religion "RELIGION"
23. Phone In "PHONE IN"
24. Travel "TRAVEL"
25. Leisure "LEISURE"
26. Jazz Music "JAZZ"
27. Country Music "COUNTRY"
28. National Music "NATION M"
29. Oldies Music "OLDIES"
30. Folk Music "FOLK M"
31. Documentary "DOCUMENT"
Speech and Music include the Program type shown below.
Music: No.12
17, 26 30
Speech: No.3
11, 18 25, 31
The Program Type can be put in the [#1]
[#6] button memory
and called up quickly. Refer to the <Program Type preset> (page
The display language can be changed. Refer to <Changing
Language for PTY Function> (page 12).
3 Search for the selected Program Type station
Press the [4] or [¢] button.
When you want to search for other stations press the [4] or
[¢] button again.
When the selected Program Type isn't found, "NO PTY" is displayed.
Select another Program Type.
4 Exit PTY mode
Press the [PTY] button for at least 1 second.
Selecting the Program Type and searching for a station.
1 Enter PTY mode
Press the [PTY] button for at least 1 second.
During PTY mode the "PTY" indicator is ON.
This function can't be used during a traffic bulletin or AM reception.
2 Select the Program Type
Press the [FM] or [AM] button.
Each time the button is pressed the Program Type switches as
shown below.
No. Program Type Display
1. Music "MUSIC"
2. Speech "SPEECH"
3. News "NEWS"
4. Current Affairs "AFFAIRS"
5. Information "INFO"
6. Sport "SPORT"
7. Education "EDUCATE"
8. Drama "DRAMA"
9. Culture "CULTURE"
10. Science "SCIENCE"
11. Varied "VARIED"
12. Pop Music "POP M"
13. Rock Music "ROCK M"
14. Easy Listening Music "EASY M"
15. Light Classical "LIGHT M"
16. Serious Classical "CLASSICS"
17. Other Music "OTHER M"
18. Weather "WEATHER"
19. Finance "FINANCE"
20. Children's programs "CHILDREN"
PTY (Program Type)
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