JVC AX-V5BK Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Page 3
Getting Started
This section explains how to connect stereo components and speakers to the amplifier, and how to connect
the power supply.
Before Installation
Be sure your hands are dry.
Turn the power off to all components.
Read the manuals supplied with the components you are going to connect.
Install the amplifier in a location that is level and protected from moisture.
The temperature around the amplifier must be between –5˚ and 35˚ C (23˚ and 95˚ F).
Make sure there is good ventilation around the amplifier. Poor ventilation could cause overheating and
damage the amplifier.
Handling the amplifier
Do not insert any metal object into the amplifier.
Do not disassemble the amplifier or remove screws, covers, or cabinet.
Do not expose the amplifier to rain or moisture.
Checking the Supplied Accessories
Check to be sure you have all of the following items, which are supplied with the amplifier.
The number in the parentheses indicates quantity of the pieces supplied.
Remote Control (1)
Batteries (2)
If anything is missing, contact your dealer immediately.
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