Harman-Kardon Home Theater System Home Theater System User Manual

DVD Audio/Video Player With SACD
and HDMI
The DVD 47 is Harman Kardon’s most advanced DVD player, delivering performance that satisfies audiophiles and
videophiles alike. On the video side, advanced processing upscales the signal to 720p or 1080i via an HDMI output,
along with the ability to view both JPEG and Kodak
Picture CD
images. Critical listeners will revel in the fidelity of both
DVD-Audio and SACD, in addition to MP3 and WMA playback of compressed music formats. Sound and image, in any
combination, all at the best possible resolution. That’s the DVD 47.
DVD Audio/Video Player With SACD
The DVD 37 gives equal time to your eyes and your ears. Your ears will feast on both DVD-Audio and SACD playback,
all with internal bass management, while your eyes will relish the stunning progressive-scan imagery. Indeed, the
DVD 37 has yet to meet a format it doesn’t like, offering playback from both “-R/RW” and “+R/RW” recordable discs
as well as MP3, WMA, VCD, JPEG and Kodak Picture CD formats. Add a backlit remote to control it all and you have
the perfect combination to treat all the senses.
Progressive-Scan DVD Player
The DVD 27 may be slim in design, but it doesn’t scrimp on features
. Indeed,
this is a compact giant that offers
progressive-scan-video perfection with super
-fine slow motion, a backlit remote, and image-format playback from
JPEGs and Kodak Picture CDs, as well as MP3 and WMA audio files. A built-in test signal for critical setup, and high-
end DACs for analog connectivity make the DVD 27 a true
“best in class” performer
CD Changer
If you want high-quality music playback that can run uninterrupted throughout the day – or for the length of the party –
the FL 8385 is for you. This five-disc CD changer has a wide range of programming options to play back the perfect
mix, while High Definition Compatible Digital
) processing delivers the most realistic sound processing to date
from both HDCD-encoded and standard discs. High-end Burr-Brown
digital processors convert the digital signals back
to analog without including any artifacts, or you can use the coax digital output to connect the FL 8385 directly to the
processor in your A/V receiver.
DVD 37
DVD 47
DVD 27
FL 8385