Harman-Kardon Home Theater System Home Theater System User Manual

7 x 85W 7.2-Channel A/V Receiver
Digital audio meets digital video. Ready for the future, the AVR 740’s DCDi
by Faroudja video processing flawlessly
upscales all incoming video to 720p or 1080i high definition and outputs it through an HDMI
jack. On the audio side,
direct HDMI connection to compatible DVD-Audio players, USB playback from compatible digital audio sources and
capability for digital satellite radio greatly expand your digital options. Our advanced EzSet/EQ II system,
7.2-channel capability, TC 30 remote and more make this the most flexible AVR we’ve ever produced.
7 x 55W 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver
Tune up your room; no tools required. Thanks to EzSet/EQ, the AVR 340 not only establishes all system speaker
parameters, it measures how the speakers “sound” in your room and equalizes their output to compensate for any
room-based acoustic situation. Add a wide range of convenience features such as video cross conversion, component
output for simplified connectivity, A-BUS/
READY multiroom capability, and compatibility with The Bridge, and you’ll be
enjoying movies and music quicker than ever.
7 x 50W 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver
For high quality “by the numbers” the AVR 240 is clearly best in class. Seven channels of high-current amplification,
Logic 7
processing, 192kHz/24-bit digital converters, two high-bandwidth component video inputs, a two-line front-
panel display and more inputs and outputs than you can count.
Add the power of EzSet+ to automatically set system
speaker levels, and it all adds up to a magnificent total of high-quality audio and video performance.
6 x 40W 6.1-Channel A/V Receiver
Don’t let the AVR 140’s modest price fool you. Our most affordable A/V receiver is loaded with features. With
on-screen menus that include renameble inputs, component video switching, compatibility with The Bridge, and
our classic high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier topology, there is no better way to upgrade an old analog
system or add high-quality home theater performance when budget considerations are paramount.
AVR 740
AVR 340
AVR 240
AVR 140