Harman-Kardon Home Theater System Home Theater System User Manual

2 x 120W Stereo Receiver
When two channels are all you need, make it two ultrawide-bandwidth, high-current channels from the company that
invented the stereo receiver. The HK 3480 features seven audio inputs, four video inputs (including one on the front
panel), 30
AM/FM station presets
, VMAx
surround synthesis from stereo sources, a three-step dimmable fluorescent
display, a phono preamp, pre-out/main-in jacks, gold-plated phono inputs and a separate subwoofer output. Also
included is a multicomponent system remote control.
2 x 80W Stereo Receiver
Perfect for a main music system, the HK 3380 uses the same discrete high-current, ultrawide bandwidth amplifier
technology found in our
AVR Series receivers. It also has four video inputs, including one on the front panel, a
multicomponent system remote control, a 30-preset AM/FM section, a phono preamp, a subwoofer output, a
dimmable fluorescent display, pre-out/main-in jacks and even a nine-step, 90-minute sleep timer.
HK 3480
HK 3380