Harman-Kardon Home Theater System Home Theater System User Manual

4-Room A-BUS Expansion Hub
With the ABH 4, no room in the house need be without music, no matter which AVR is in use. For existing systems linked
to A-BUS/
READY products, the ABH 4 allows you to power up to four rooms, or even more with additional ABH 4 hubs. For
systems without an
READY jack,
the ABH 4’s onboard audio inputs add the simplicity of A-BUS to any multichannel
or stereo receiver with a “Tape” or “Multiroom” output; you can even use it directly with a CD or DVD player or outboard tuner
to bring music to any room.
Amplified In-Wall Module for A-BUS Applications
The innovative A-BUS system makes it incredibly easy to bring Harman Kardon sound to a remote room. Thanks to a
built-in amplifier and a single-cable connection to any
READY receiver or the
ABH 4,
all you need to do is connect
the speakers, use your Zone II remote or the up/down volume control, and musical pleasure is yours throughout your home.
External Infrared Remote Sensor
Stay in command. Whether a Harman Kardon product is hidden behind doors, or connected to another room, this external
IR sensor allows the use of any compatible remote to operate your Harman Kardon system.
AB 1
HE 1000