Clarion DB315 CD Player User Manual

8 DB315
Rear side
AA (UM-3/1.5 V)
Rear cover
1. Turn the remote control unit over, then slide
the rear cover in the direction of the arrow.
2. Insert the AA (UM-3/1.5 V) batteries that
came with the remote control unit facing in
the directions shown in the figure, then close
the rear cover.
Using batteries improperly can cause them to explode.
Take note of the following points:
When replacing batteries, replace both batteries with
new ones.
Do not short-circuit, disassemble or heat batteries.
Do not dispose of batteries into fire or flames.
Dispose of spent batteries properly.
Receiver for remote control unit
Operating range: 30° in all directions
Signal transmitter
Remote Control Unit
Inserting the Batteries