Clarion DB315 CD Player User Manual

Reset button
Problem Cause Solution
Power does not turn on.
(No sound is produced.)
Fuse is blown.
Replace with a fuse of the same
amperage. If the fuse blows again,
consult your store of purchase.
Incorrect wiring.
Consult your store of purchase.
Compact disc cannot be
Another compact disc is
already loaded.
Eject the compact disc before loading
the new one.
Sound skips or is noisy.
Compact disc is dirty.
Clean the compact disc with a soft
Compact disc is heaviiy
scratched or warped.
Replace with a compact disc with no
Sound is bad directly after
power is turned on.
Water droplets may form
on the internal lens when
the car is parked in a
humid place.
Let dry for about 1 hour with the
power on.
Nothing happens when
buttons are pressed.
Display is not accurate.
Microprocessor has
malfunctioned due to
noise, etc.
Turn off the power, then press the
DCP Release button 1 and remove
the DCP.
Press the reset button for about 2
seconds with a thin rod.
DCP or source unit
connectors are dirty.
Wipe the dirt off with a soft cloth
moistened with cleaning alcohol.
14 DB315