Clarion DB315 CD Player User Manual

CD Mode Operations
Loading a Disc
Insert the disc into the CD insertion slot with its
label side up, then the CD will start playing.
When inserting a single CD (3
(8 cm)), insert it from
the center of the slot.
When inserting a single CD (3
(8 cm)), do not con-
nect an adapter.
Press the DISP button 6, then the display will show
the play time.
Some CDs recorded in CD-R mode may not be
Even when recorded in CD-R/W mode, some CDs
may not be usable.
Listening to the Disc already Inserted
Press the FNC button 3 to select the CD mode,
the CD will start playing.
Stopping (pausing) Playback
Press the Play/Pause button %.
Press the Play/Pause button % again to resume
Ejecting the CD
Press the Eject button 4, then the CD will be
If the ejected CD is left as it is, it will be reloaded after
15 seconds. However, single CDs will not be
reloaded, so make sure to remove them.
Top Function
The top function allows the first track of the cur-
rent CD to be played.
Press Top button @ to play the first track (track
No.1) of CD.
Selecting Tracks (songs)
Press the SRCH Left/Right button #.
: Playback will start from the next track.
: Playback will start from the beginning of
the track currently playing. When this
button is pressed again, the CD will play
from the previous track.
Fast-Forward and Fast-Backward
Press and hold the SRCH Left/Right button #.
: To fast-forward
: To fast-backward
Pressing the SRCH Left/Right button for 1 second or
longer will move forward or backward 5 times faster
than normal play, and pressing it for 3 seconds or
longer will do the operation 30 times faster.
Scan Play (Intro Music Scan)
Press the SCN button 9, then the display
shows “SCN”, then the CD will play the first 10
seconds of each track of the whole disc. Press
the SCN button 9 again to disengage the unit
from scan play.
A scan play will start from the track following the one
currently playing.
Repeat Play
Press the RPT button 8, then the display shows
RPT”, then the track currently playing will be
played repeatedly. Press the RPT button 8
again to disengage the unit from repeat play.
Random Play
Press the RDM button 7, then the display will
show “RDM”, then the entire tracks on the disc
will be played at random. Press the RDM button
7 again to disengage the unit from random play.
For 5-inch (12 cm) CD For 3-inch (8 cm) single CD
DB315 13
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