Clarion DB315 CD Player User Manual

6 DB315
This unit has been designed specifically for play-
back of compact discs bearing the mark.
No other discs can be played.
To remove the compact disc from its storage
case, press down on the center of the case and
lift the disc out, holding it carefully by the edges.
Always handle the compact disc by the edges.
Never touch the surface.
To remove fingermarks and dust, use a soft
cloth, and wipe in a straight line from the center
of the compact disc to the circumference.
New discs may have some roughness around
the edges. The unit may not work or the sound
may skip if such discs are used. Use a ball-point
pen, etc. to remove roughness from the edge of
the disc.
Note on Compact Discs
Never stick labels on the surface of the compact
disc or mark the surface with a pencil or pen.
Do not use any solvents such as commercially
available cleaners, anti-static spray, or thinner to
clean compact discs.
Do not use compact discs that have large
scratches, are misshapen, or cracked, etc. Use
of such discs will cause misoperation or damage.
Do not expose compact discs to direct sunlight
or any heat source.
Ball-point pen
Proper way to hold
the compact disc
Removing the disc
Do not use commercially available CD protection sheets or discs equipped with stabilizers, etc. These
may get caught in the internal mechanism and damage the disc.