Black Box HS205A Headphones User Manual

1. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has established rules which permit this device to be
directly connected to the telephone network with standardized jacks. This equipment should not be
used on party lines or coin lines.
2. If this device is malfunctioning, it may also be causing harm to the telephone network; this device
should be disconnected until the source of the problem can be determined and until the repair has
been made. If this is not done, the telephone company may temporarily disconnect service.
3. If you have problems with your telephone equipment after installing this device, disconnect this device
from the line to see if it is causing the problem. If it is, contact your supplier or an authorized agent.
4. The telephone company may make changes in its technical operations and procedures. If any such
changes affect the compatibility or use of this device, the telephone company is required to give
adequate notice of the changes.
5. If the telephone company requests information on what equipment is connected to their lines, inform
them of:
a. The telephone number that this unit is connected to.
b. The ringer equivalence number.
c. The USOC jack required: RJ-11C.
d. The FCC registration number.