Black Box HS205A Headphones User Manual

CHAPTER 3: Ear Capsule
3. Ear Capsule
The 2-in-1 Headset comes out of
the box with the ear capsule
installed ready to be worn on the
right ear (see Figure 3-1). It
features an Adjustable Lobe
Hinge for a custom fit. To change
to the left ear, see Section 3.2.
Figure 3-1. 2-in-1 Headset Ear Capsule.
3.1 Wearing the Ear Capsule
To put on your new 2-in-1
Headset ear capsule (see
Figure 3-2):
Figure 3-2. Wearing the Ear Capsule.
1. Straighten out the
Adjustable Lobe Hinge.
2. Swing the ear capsule away
from the receiver and slide
the ear capsule behind your
ear until the saddle of the
hook rests on the
uppermost part of your ear.
3. With your thumb, close the
ear lobe hinge until it is
snug, secure and
comfortable to wear, but not
tight on your ear.
4. Lightly press the speaker
against the ear for proper
To remove, simply lift the 2-in-1
Headset off your ear.
3.2 Changing Ears
1. Hold the receiver assembly
in your left hand with the
microphone boom
perpendicular to the floor.
2. With your right hand, flip
the ear capsule down (see
Figure 3-3).