Black Box HS205A Headphones User Manual

CHAPTER 5: Microphone Positioning
5. Microphone
To take advantage of the noise-
canceling qualities of the
microphone, position the 2-in-1
Headset with the flat side of the
microphone, marked with an F,
facing you. The microphone
boom should be adjusted so that
the microphone is approximately
one finger width away from your
lower lip (see Figure 5-1).
Figure 5-1. Microphone Positioning.
The 2-in-1 Headset has a flexible
boom that can be reshaped until
the microphone is correctly
positioned in front of your mouth.
One hand should grasp and
steady the receiver end of the
boom. The other hand can then
flex the boom (see Figure 5-2).
Figure 5-2. Flexing the Boom.
Never forcefully rotate the
microphone boom past its stop
point in the receiver assembly!
1 Finger