Black Box HS205A Headphones User Manual

CHAPTER 9: Troubleshooting
9. Troubleshooting
9.1 Calling Black Box
If you determine that your 2-in-1
Headset is malfunctioning, do not
attempt to alter or repair the unit.
It contains no user-serviceable
parts. Contact Black Box at
Before you do, make a record of
the history of the problem. We
will be able to provide more
efficient and accurate assistance if
you have a complete description,
• the nature and duration of
the problem.
• when the problem occurs.
• the components involved in
the problem.
• any particular application
that, when used, appears to
create the problem or make
it worse.
9.2 Shipping and Packaging
If you need to transport or ship
your 2-in-1 Headset:
• Package it carefully. We
recommend that you use
the original container.
• If you are shipping the 2-in-
1 Headset for repair, make
sure you include everything
that came in the original
package. Before you ship,
contact Black Box to get a
Return Materials
Authorization (RMA)