Behringer XR12 Stereo System User Manual

Product Information Document
12-Input Digital Mixer for
iPad/Android Tablets with 4 Programmable
MIDAS Preamps, 8 Line Inputs, Integrated Wi
Module and USB Stereo Recorder
Digital Mixers
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Put simply, Pultec literally wrote the book on passive equalization. By digitally “rebuilding” every aspect of this original classic, we captured the
very essence in our mid-range focused parametric equalizer XTEC EQ5. Our digital re-incarnation authentically emulates the smooth character
of its rather unique components. (Inspired by Pultec MEQ5*)
The new SUB OCTAVER provides two channels of earth-shattering sub-harmonics generation, one or even two octaves below the input
signal. While originally designed for bass players, the e ect can be adjusted for Hi, Mid and Low frequency tracking to apply to a wide range of
applications. This is your secret weapon for beatboxing...
The EDISON EX1 is the reincarnation of one of our own analog classics. This remarkably e ective tool allows manipulation of the stereo  eld.
Selectable Mono or Stereo I/O modes allow the processing, or creation, of Mono/Stereo recorded sound sources. (Inspired by BEHRINGER EDISON)