Behringer XR12 Stereo System User Manual

Product Information Document
12-Input Digital Mixer for
iPad/Android Tablets with 4 Programmable
MIDAS Preamps, 8 Line Inputs, Integrated Wi
Module and USB Stereo Recorder
Digital Mixers
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100-Band RTA for all Channel/ Bus EQ’s
The XR12 includes a high-resolution 100-band Real Time Analyzer (RTA), with full
Bar and Spectrograph views. This high-resolution RTA displays the audio energy
distribution in 100 frequency bands over time – capturing a sonogram window
of a full 10 seconds.
Switch between the Large RTA view, displaying any available signal in full screen
resolution, or the Combined RTA view shown above each of the channel and bus
EQ curves – and see the results of your  ltering choices. Additionally, the RTA can
be displayed on top of the 31-band graphic EQs in the Main LR or Aux buses.
Monitoring and controlling frequencies has never been easier!
Uncompromised Channel Processing
The XR12 allows you to achieve the same incredible level of EQ  nesse as the
award-winning X32 thanks to its 100-band Real Time Analyzer, which is built into
every input channel and bus EQ. Visual feedback built into the control app allows
you to see and make fast, surgical adjustments to frequencies in need of a boost
or a cut. You’ll wonder how you ever EQ’d without it!
Every input channel also features Low-Cut, 4-band fully parametric EQ and the
same Gate and Compressor dynamics suite found in the X32 – with one very
special addition; you can choose either Expert or Simple functionality. In Expert
mode, you can drill down and get your hands on every nuance of your dynamics.
Or, if you’re more of the ‘plug and play’ type, Simple mode lets you either select from
one of our 4 carefully-optimized presets – or load your own channel templates.
Add to this 40-Bit,  oating-point DSP and you’ll experience virtually “unlimited”
dynamic range with no internal overload and near-zero overall latency.
In addition to the Main L/R bus for Front of House, 6 Aux buses are provided
for dialing in the perfect monitor mixes, or creating a dedicated mix for your
USB stereo recording – complete with inserts, dynamics, and either a 6-band
parametric EQ or 31-band graphic EQ. And if all these outstanding EQ options put
a smile on your face, you’ll love it even more when we tell you that 100-band RTAs
are available for these, too!