Behringer XR12 Stereo System User Manual

Product Information Document
12-Input Digital Mixer for
iPad/Android Tablets with 4 Programmable
MIDAS Preamps, 8 Line Inputs, Integrated Wi
Module and USB Stereo Recorder
Digital Mixers
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PLATE REVERB emulates the characteristics of a plate reverb chamber with control over the damping pad, modulation depth and speed, and
crossover. This classic e ect will give your tracks the sound heard on countless hit records since the late 1950’s. (Inspired by Lexicon PCM70*)
The 3-TAP DELAY in the X32 records the input signal and then echoes it back after a user-de nable period of time and number of repeats. What
makes the stereo and triple delay useful and outstanding is the linked tap-timing and musical choice of echo patterns. Use the 3-TAP DELAY to
fatten up vocals and instruments, or to add an enhanced spatial element to any performance.
The HALL REVERB e ect provides a broad spectrum of reverberation possibilities, from small room to large, or even cavernous proportions.
When softly mixed with the original signal, Hall Reverb can be used to create a warm, more natural sound. (Inspired by Lexicon 480L*)
The Lexicon 480L* has been recognized as the gold standard of digital reverb. In addition to the Hall Reverb program, we have included four
more of the  nest reverb models: Ambience, Rich Plate, Room and Rich Chamber. These models precisely capture all nuances based on our
“True Physical Modeling”, and our algorithms even incorporate the unit’s AD/DA gain stepping converters – nailing the entire analog and digital
circuit paths right down to the last detail. (Inspired by Lexicon 480L*)