Behringer XR12 Stereo System User Manual

Product Information Document
12-Input Digital Mixer for
iPad/Android Tablets with 4 Programmable
MIDAS Preamps, 8 Line Inputs, Integrated Wi
Module and USB Stereo Recorder
Digital Mixers
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Revolutionary Auto-Mixing
When your application calls for a multiple-microphone setup, such as an onstage panel
discussion, press conference or courtroom proceeding, etc., it can become a challenge to
maintain so many open mics – and preserve maximum gain and priority for the moderator.
A major  rst for compact audio mixers, our revolutionary X AIR Gain Sharing technology can
easily manage fully automated mixes with several live microphones. Based on the legendary
Dan Dugan automix system, the XR12’s gain sharing paradigm automatically controls the levels
of all selected microphones in real time, without any gating artifacts or noise modulation.
This function dramatically reduces the typical feedback, studio noise and comb  ltering
challenges that can occur when two, or more mics are in close proximity of each another.
X AIR Gain Sharing technology provides a consistent system gain structure, even when
multiple speakers are talking at the same time.
4 Onboard X32 E ects Engines
Equipped with the very same FX engines as the now legendary X32 Digital Mixing Console,
the onboard virtual FX Rack provides access to four true-stereo (8 mono), multi-e ects
processors including delay, chorus, dynamics – plus the XR12 can run production-quality,
true-stereo reverbs concurrently with 31-band EQ on the main and aux buses, all without the
need for any additional hardware.
You can select any combination of high-end simulations of legendary studio e ects, such
as the Lexicon 480L and PCM70, as well as the EMT250 and Quantec QRS reverbs. Onboard
processing means your computer doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting during a mixing session
with DAW plugins as the XR12 has a whole studio of FX under it’s hood.
Custom-designed, and physically modeled after some of the most iconic and sought-after
processors, all e ects run inside the low-latency environment of the X32 mix engine, ensuring
awless performance,  exible routing and the end of cable faults forever!