American Audio XLT1200 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

©American Audio® - - XLT Series Power Amplifier User Manual Page 9
Mono Bridge Connections:
Mono bridge operation connections will follow the above descriptions however, when operating in mono
bridge operation the speaker connections will run between the two positive (red) leads. Use channel two pos-
itive output terminal for the negative connection and the channel one positive output terminal for the positive
Stereo Connections Using the Neutrik Speakon output connectors:
Recent regulatory requirements in Europe have outlawed the use of the dual banana plug and forced amp users to terminate their
speaker cables with spade lugs or bare wire ends. This is not advantageous to most users that want to recongure their systems or
quickly change out an amp. The Neutrik Speakon® connector provides the most convenient solution to this problem, eliminating the need
for spade plugs or bare wire end cables. Major speaker manufacturers have been using Speakon connectors on their products for years,
so chances are you are ready to use the Speakon connection. With Speakon connectors, you can connect straight from the amplier
to the speaker. The Speakon connector used on this amplier meets all known safety regulations. Once wired correctly, the connector
cannot be plugged in backwards, causing the type of inverted polarity situations that have become common with banana hookups. This
connection will provide a safe, secure and reliable method of connecting your speakers to your new amplier. You can purchase the
Speakon® NL4FC connectors from your local audio dealer.
Bare Wire Connections: (Figure 7)
When connecting your speakers to the amplifier using bare wire; Unscrew the red and
black caps on the binding post, be sure not to completely remove or unscrew the red
and black caps. Strip back the wire insulation 1/2” (13mm). Insert the bare wire into the
hole that was reveled by unscrewing the binding post cap. After inserting the wire into
the binding post hole, screw the binding post cap down on the wire. To reduce the risk of
shock or damage to your amplifier, be sure that the wire connected to one binding post
does not come in contact with that of another.
Typical speaker output using bare wire. Insert
bare wire into the binding post and tighten.
Figure 7