American Audio XLT1200 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Binding Post - Connect your speakers to the binding post outputs on the rear of the amplier. The speaker wire may be connected
by bare wire (directly connected, usually for permanent connections). Connections are made to Channels 1 and 2 output’s for stereo
mode or across the red terminals of Channels 1 and 2 for Mono Bridge Mode.
Important Notice: Although a speaker will operate with the positive and negative leads plugged into either terminal on the amplier
binding post, be sure to plug the negative lead into the black terminal and positive lead into the red terminal. Ensuring proper polarity
will avoid speakers being out of phase, that can cause a loss of bass response.
Set Up
INPUTS - The XLT Series amplifier allows you to use two types of input connector per a channel, a XLR jack for balanced connections
and a 1/4” female jack that will accept balanced and unbalanced connectors. Use these connections to connect the output signal
from a mixer, cross-over or EQ to your XLT Series amplifier. A balanced connection is recommended for cable runs longer that 20ft.
When constructing your own XLR cables follow the pin configuration describe below for proper connections. For cable runs shorter
than 20ft. you may choose the 1/4” unbalanced input option. The 1/4” unbalanced input option may be more convenient for most
users due to the abundant supply of prefabricated cables available at your local audio dealer.
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Unbalanced TS 1/4” Plug
Hot (+)
Negative (-)
Figure 6
Balanced TRS 1/4” Plug
Hot (+)
Negative (-)
Figure 5
2 Hot (+ data)
3 Negative (- data)
1 Ground/Return/ 0v)
Male XLR Pin Con guration:
US ITT Standard
Figure 4