American Audio XLT1200 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

©American Audio® - - XLT Series Power Amplifier User Manual Page 11
OPERATING MODES: Always configure your amplifier operating mode before beginning operation. If you want to change it dur-
ing performance. You must decrease the gain controls to their lowest levels to protect the speakers from any popping noise.
Stereo Operation - Page 15/Figure 14 details an example of a typical stereo set-up. Connect your inputs into channels one and
two of the amplifier. Connect your speakers to the outputs on the rear of the amplifier. Be sure that your front gain controls are turned
down to their lowest level (full counter-clockwise). Turn your amp on. Turn your input source level up. Use your front gain controls to
regulate the output volume. Be sure not to raise the volume to the clip level, however an intermittent clip signal is acceptable.
Mono Bridge Operation - Page 15/Figure 15 details a mono bridge set-up. Be sure your amplifier and all other audio equipment
is powered down. Flip the Stereo/Parallel/Bridge switch to the Bridge position. Connect an input signal to channel one. Connect your
speaker across the red output binding post on the rear of your amplifier. Turn your equipment on (your amplifier should always be the
last item you turn on). Apply an input source signal to your amplifier. Turn channel two gain up. Use the channel one gain to regulate
your amplifier output.
Bridged-Mono Mode Caution - The voltage across the output terminals of a bridged XLT Series amplifier may equal or exceed
100 volts RMS and may be as high as 130 volts. Use fully insulated CLASS ONE wiring, and the load must be rated for up to 2500 watts
(@4 ohms)
Parallel Mono - “Parallel ” ties the two channel line inputs together so that they will both be driven by the same signal, without the
need for external jumpers or wiring. Both amplier channels will operate independently. Though they carry the same signal, their gain
controls aect only their respective channels, and they both must use their respected speaker outputs. Never attempt to parallel the
speaker outputs, this may cause serious damage to your amplier! This mode is recommended when using the XLT Series to run bass
speakers, to achieve better low end. To run in parallel mono mode connect your system as you would if you were going to run in stereo
mode. Then ip the mode switch to “MONO.” Be sure the amp is o or the power is disconnected before making any changes.