Arcam A70 Home Theater System User Manual

Service information
Continual improvement policy
Arcam has a policy of continual improvement for its
products. This means that designs and specifications are
subject to change without notice.
NOTE: All specification values are typical unless
otherwise stated.
Sound cuts out unexpectedly
Before returning an amplifier for repair, please check the following:
Heatsink protection
If the temperature of the internal heatsink rises above a safe level, a thermal cutout inside the amplifier
operates, the power indicator on the front panel flashes and the protection system temporarily removes
power to the speakers. The system resets after the heatsink has cooled down. Note that because of
the high output voltage from a CD player, it is possible to drive the A70 at full power even though the
volume is not set at maximum.
Transformer protection
The transformer is separately protected against thermal overload damage which may occur in
exceptional circumstances. If the unit shuts down in this way, there is no indicator warning on the
front panel: we recommend you disconnect the power supply and wait 30 minutes for the amplifier to
completely cool. Power on in the normal way and the A70 will work normally.
Amplifier does not switch back on
The A70 and P90 amplifiers have a protection mechanism which is activated if you switch the unit on
immediately after turning it off. If this mechanism activates, wait 30 seconds before switching back on
Technical specifications
Continuous power output, per channel
Both channels, 8Ω, 20Hz–20kHz 50W
Distortion, 8Ω, 80% power, 1kHz 0.005%
Phono cartridge input sensitivity, MM 2.7mV
Line and tape inputs:
Nominal sensitivity
Input impedance
Signal/noise ratio (CCIR)
Preamplifier outputs
Nominal output level 545mV
Output impedance <50Ω
Power consumption (maximum) 450VA
Dimensions W x D x H (including feet) 430 x 330 x 85mm
Weight (net) 7.5kg
Weight (packed) 9.5kg
Supplied accessories mains lead
CR-389 remote control
2 x AAA batteries