Arcam A70 Home Theater System User Manual

Using the remote control
CR-389 Remote Control
The CR-389 remote control gives access to all functions
available on the front panel of the A70. It also has
controls to operate Arcam CD players, AM/FM tuners and
DAB tuners. The remote control transmits Philips RC-5
type codes.
Source selection buttons
These operate in the same way as the source
selectors on the front panel of your integrated
Volume and (mute)
Press + to increase volume or to decrease the output
volume of the amplifier.
Press to mute the speaker connections and preamp
outputs. Both tape outputs and the headphone socket
remain active. Mute is disabled either by pressing
again, or by adjusting the volume.
You can use the remote’s volume control in conjunction
with the SELECT button to adjust balance, tone and
amplifier settings.
These buttons are used to control tuner functions.
Note that the FM/DAB lights indicate into which mode
you are switching the remote control. The lights only
illuminate for five seconds to conserve battery power.
If neither light is illuminated this does not mean that
the remote control is not working!
NOTE: Remember to install the two supplied AAA
batteries before trying to use your remote control!
Do not place anything in front of the IR receiver on
the left of the A70, or the remote control may not
CD controls
These offer basic controls of Arcam CD players
SP1 and SP2
These buttons allow you to select and deselect the main
(SP1) and secondary (SP2) sets of speakers attached to
your amplifier (see page 6).
Toggles the amplifier between standby mode and full
power mode. The power indicator light next to the power
button on the front panel is red if the amplifier is in
standby, amber while the amplifier is powering up (this
only takes a few seconds) and green when the amplifier
is powered up.
 
 
 
 
 
 
 
 
  
DISP (display)
Cycles through the settings ‘Bright’, ‘Off’ and ‘Dim’.
Turning the display ‘Off’ generally gives a slight
improvement in sound quality.
Performs same function as the SELECT button on the
front panel. It allows you to use the remote’s volume
switch in the same way you use the control dial on
the front panel – to adjust various amplifier settings
(see page 8).
Note that pressing + corresponds to turning the
Control knob clockwise, to anticlockwise.
Performs the same function as the ENTER
button on the front panel (see page 6).
(UP and DOWN)
These buttons do not apply to the A70.