Arcam A70 Home Theater System User Manual

Setting up your A70 amplifier
Balance – Once selected, use the Control knob to shift the
balance between Left and Right channels.
Volume ResolutionRES REF, RES FINE or RES STD. ‘Fine’
and ‘Standard’ represent different levels of volume control
sensitivity. The ‘Reference’ setting gives absolute increments
in 0.5dB steps.
Input Trims – use the source select buttons and Control
knob to set input trims for each source. Input trims are used
to compensate for variations in output levels of different
source equipment.
Processor Mode – This mode enables you to adjust the
gain of the amplifier. The amplifier can then be used to drive
the front left and right speakers in a surround sound system
when fed from a separate processor. You can then control
the volume of the entire system using the processor, feeding
the sound into the TAPE input. Set the gain to match the
amplifiers that drive your other loudspeakers.
Recording Output – This allows you to select the source
signal for recording: AV, PHONO, CD, TUNER, AUX or DVD.
Maximum ‘On’ Volume – Use the Control knob to adjust
the volume setting at switch-on. ONVOL OFF indicates that the
feature is not activated. ONVOL 1 (or higher) sets the volume
at start-up (in dB).
Reset – this restores all amplifier settings, including input
trims, to their factory defaults.
The A70 allows you to adjust listening settings to suit your taste, and to customise various features of
the amplifier to fit your system. Use this diagram to help you navigate through the settings available.
The ENTER and SELECT buttons are represented in the diagram by the symbols
The Control knob is shown as
Adjusting listening settings
The default display mode is VOLUME, where the Control knob is used to adjust sound level.
Press SELECT to enter edit mode and cycle through the other settings: BALANCE, VOL RES, I/P trims, etc.
When a setting is selected, press SELECT again and adjust it with the control knob. Press ENTER to fix the
change you have made and return to idle (volume) mode.