Arcam A70 Home Theater System User Manual

Positioning the unit
Place your amplifier on a level, firm surface. Avoid placing the unit in direct sunlight or near sources of
heat or damp.
Ensure adequate ventilation. Do not place the unit in an enclosed space such as a bookcase or cabinet as
both of these will impede air flow through the ventilation slots.
Connecting to loudspeakers
You can connect one or two pairs of loudspeakers to your amplifier,
provided each pair is rated between 8–16Ω. If one or both pairs have an
impedance of less than 8Ω, the combined load on the amplifier falls below
4Ω and could cause an overload. If so, the overload protection circuit may
engage and the amplifier will not work.
To connect one pair of loudspeakers, use the SP1 terminals.
Caution: Do not over tighten the loudspeaker terminals or use a
wrench, pliers, etc., as this could cause damage to the terminals
which will not be covered under warranty.
SP1 and SP2 terminals
Both sets of loudspeaker terminals can be muted by pressing the MUTE button on the remote control. To
switch SP1 and SP2 independently, use the front panel switches (see page 6,
) or the remote control
(see page 9).
Your amplifier is fitted with industry standard loudspeaker terminals. The terminal accepts spade
terminals or bare wires.
To connect a spade terminal or bare wire, unscrew the red (or black) part of the loudspeaker terminal
first. Insert the wire or spade terminal and screw it back up.
Connect the right speaker to the terminals on the back of your amplifier marked R and the left speaker
to the terminals marked L.
Connect your loudspeakers so that the red (positive/+) terminal on each loudspeaker is connected to
the red (positive/+) terminal on the amplifier. Your loudspeaker cables may be marked to show polarity
(negative/ and positive/+), if not, then the positive terminal can usually be identified by a ridge or
coloured marking.
Now connect your loudspeakers’ black (negative/) terminals to the black (negative/) terminals on the
amplifier. Ensure that no stray strands of inner wires are allowed to touch another cable or the amplifier’s
casing. This can cause a short circuit and damage your amplifier!
Connecting to a power supply
Mains lead
The appliance is normally supplied with a moulded mains plug already fitted to the lead. If for any
reason the plug needs to be removed, it must be disposed of immediately and securely, as it is a
potential shock hazard when inserted into the mains socket. Should you require a new mains lead,
contact your Arcam dealer.
Wrong plug?
Check that the plug supplied with the unit fits your supply and that your mains supply voltage agrees
with the voltage setting (115V or 230V) indicated on the rear panel of the unit
before plugging in.
If your mains supply voltage or mains plug is different, consult your Arcam dealer or Arcam Customer
Support on +44 (0)1223 203200.
The product must be earthed.
Plugging in
Push the plug (IEC line socket) of the power cable supplied with the unit into the socket (POWER INLET)
in the back of the unit. Make sure it is pushed in firmly.
Put the plug on the other end of the cable into your power supply socket and switch the socket on.
Wiring your loudspeakers