Pioneer PDP-S13-LR Speaker User Manual

2 How to route cables
Speed clamps are included with the plasma display for
tidying your cables and keeping extra cable length out of the
Organize cables together using the
speed clamps provided with the
plasma display.
Insert 1 into an appropriate hole on the rear of the unit, then
snap 2 into the back of 1 to fix the clamp.
Speed clamps are designed to be difficult to undo once in
place. Please attach carefully.
To remove speed clamps
Using pliers, twist the clamp 90° and pull it outward.
In some cases the clamp may have deteriorated over time
and may be damaged when removed.
When installing the speakers on the right and left sides of the display
Speed clampsSpeaker cable Speaker cable
When installing the speakers at the bottom of the display
A speaker cable or system cable is put in
the rack using a supplied wiring clamp so
that it cannot be viewed from the front.
Speaker cableWiring clamp
Wiring clamp
Speaker cable
To attach the speed clamps to the main unit
Connect the speed clamps using the 1 hole marked with
below, depending on the situation.
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