Pioneer PDP-S13-LR Speaker User Manual

7 Speaker cable x 2
Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.
Please read through these operating instructions before
using your speaker system so you will know how to make
the most of its performance. After you have finished reading
the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future
÷ The nominal impedance of this speaker system is 8 ohms.
÷ In order to prevent damage to the speaker system
resulting from input overload, please observe the
following precautions:
÷ Do not supply power to the speaker system in
excess of the maximum permissable input. This
can result in damage or a possible fire hazard.
÷ When connecting or disconnecting pin-plugs, be
sure that amplifier power is OFF.
÷ When using a graphic equalizer to emphasize loud
sounds of a high frequency range, do not use
excessive amplifier volume.
÷ Do not force a low-powered amplifier to produce a
loud volume of sound (the amplifier’s harmonic
distortion will be increased, and you may damage
the speaker).
÷ An automatic restore-type protective device is incorporated
to protect the speakers from excessive input signals or
abnormal signals. When an excessive input signal is sent
to the speakers, the protective device is activated and
loud high-pitched sounds will be prevented. In this case,
lower the volume of the plasma display during use. After
5 to 10 seconds, the speakers are restored automatically.
÷ Placing a CRT computer screen or CRT monitor near to
the speakers may result in interference or color distortion.
If this happens, distance the monitor from the speakers.
This product is designed exclusively for use with the
PDP-4340HD,PDP-434HDE,PDP-434HDG Pioneer plasma
display. For more information on compatibility, please
consult with your nearest Pioneer authorized dealer or
service center.
7 Operating Instructions
7 Speaker mounting fittings (Used when installing the
speakers on the right and left sides of the display)
Holder for installing
the speakers on
the right and left x 4
7 Speaker mounting fittings (Used when installing the
speakers at the bottom of the display)
7 Speakers mounting screws
Always use the accessory mounting fittings for
When screws other than those enclosed as accessories
are used to install the speakers, the speakers may drop
off or accidents may be caused. Always use the screws
enclosed as accessories.
Notes on Installation Work:
This product is marketed assuming that it is installed by
qualified personnel with enough skill and competence.
Always have an installation specialist or your dealer install
and set up the product.
PIONEER cannot assume liabilities for damage caused
by mistake in installation or mounting, misuse,
modification or a natural disaster.
x 12
The customer can select whether to install the speakers on
the right and left sides of the display or at the bottom of the
When the speakers are installed
on the right and left sides
When the speakers are
installed at the bottom
See the description below for details of the installation.
Attach the plasma display to the stand (PDK-TS04) before
installing the speakers. See the Operating Instructions
packed together with the stand for how to assemble the
Bracket for installing the speakers at
the bottom x 2 for right and left sides
Bracket for installing the speakers
at the bottom x 1 for center
Rivet for installing the speakers at
the bottom x 2
PDPS13LR.01-06/En 2003.5.27, 2:58 PM2